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You Were Made to Feel Powerful, and Experience Epic Success in Every Area of your Life

An integrated approach to transformational healing to experience passion, impact, and wild results in your life & business beyond your imagination. For the heart-led leader who desires to have it all! You are here living your purpose in the world. 

You are making a big impact and expect to grow both professionally and personally as you continue to reach your next levels. You live a life of passion and purpose and know that your healing is central to the growth, impact and legacy you leave behind.  

The more you grow, new growing pains can come in and you know when you align your inner patterns with the outer world you are creating in your soul-aligned purpose, results multiply, you lead a life of deeply fulfilling purpose & passion, you have greater impact in the world and in your own life.

But where to start?

 Start Here


This option is for you if you're just getting started and you know that one area you want to shift.

This is an incredible option for you if you want to get a taste of what it's like working with Selina and are open to receiving big shifts in your life.



  • A 90-minute Subconscious Success session via Zoom (recording of the call included).


This is for you when you want to deep dive into an area that is holding you back and are ready to fully dissolve your limits and upgrade your life!

You'll go deeper into the topic you wish to reset and receive guidance, honest reflections and insights, and the permanent subconscious shifts that will benefit you for the rest of your life.


  • Three 90-minute Subconscious Success sessions via Zoom (recording of the call included).

  • Voxer check-ins between calls for an extra layer of support integrating and focusing on depth for your next session.

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