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Playing it small has never been your style.



You’re no stranger to inside-out transformations.

And you’re ready for a massive uplevel.






While the success you’ve already achieved has been incredibly fulfilling, you’re at a loss as to

why you’re still unable to achieve that next level of health, wealth, & intimacy


And you know it comes from the inside out.


You know it’s possible and you know you’re so here for it. Shift the internal foundation to create all you desire in the world.

Perfectly reflecting back your most desirable version of life & business.

More ease, impact & income.



The one-of a kind experience for entrepreneurs ready to unlock the secret to your full potential, unleashing your next-level business strategy by dissolving subconscious blindspots, and rise above self-limiting behaviors, by doing the deeply profound work to make you a magnet for success in your life and business!

Welcome monumental shifts at rapid pace, while developing a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick without a significant time commitment or the pain of reliving old traumas!

Because the truth is growth doesn’t have to be:

  • Slow

  • Painful

  • Incremental

Every time you hit a plateau, wall or pivot, you find yourself looking outside for the answer.

But, let me tell you, it’s not another coaching program, business strategy, mindset technique, or marketing tactic.


The answer lies inside of you.



Waking up to overnight sales or applications from soulmate clients & collaborators overflowing your inbox.

Seeing your biggest income months ever while knowing that you have the perfectly defined team in place to scale without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Allowing yourself to enjoy long, luxuriating weekends, screens off, feet up, cool drink in your hand.

Finding true freedom, feeling like an empowered leader, calling in every opportunity you desire to grow your reach & impact




DSC00824 (2).jpeg

Long ago, you chose to be excellent, to pursue an extraordinary path in life.

You’ve done all the masterminds, the business coach, the funnels, maybe even had a visit to the local astrologer searching for what’s keeping you from rising to that next level.

You're reading all the business, performance, and spiritual development books, listening to podcasts from the experts telling you.

“This is easy – just keep positive – you can manifest your dreams!”

Yet somehow, you’ve been stagnant in your life & business, with incremental movement forward and A LOT of effort to change your ways.

You make false starts and are left wondering, “I’m doing it all, where are my results?”.


You know you’re capable of so much more in your business, filled with brilliant ideas, yet somehow unable to execute OR you execute so frequently, without the results you know are coming for others.

Or maybe you feel you can never slow down or get a break.

So what’s the problem?

You’re working from your conscious mind. And the results in your reality won’t change until your subconscious is on board.


Maybe you’ve even done some NLP, EFT tapping, or some hypnotic tracks.

You’re doing what the experts are teaching, but only see incremental growth, two steps forward, one step back.

That’s because you haven’t worked with the depth of the subconscious. The all of you. Running 80-95% of every action you take. Because there’s a lot more there than you realize.

In shifting your subconscious, I see what you don’t. And together, we shift it quickly.

There’s a recipe for success - and deeply and rapidly healing your inner world - what’s holding you back - is the magic ingredient.

Success Stories


Arja Hendrikx.png
Arja H.
Tantric Sexuality Coach

Arja consistently sells out $20-$40k launches


 had my session with Selina and literally I made $7,500 within 24 hours after a session, which for me was such a confirmation.

Like three new clients on that specific day. I didn't have any open leads.

They just came out of nowhere. Like so to say, they just came to me after that session,

Elaina Ray G.png
Elaina Ray G.
7-figure Business Mentor

Elaina who stabilized at consistent $100k+ months & brought in new levels of innovation into her business.

I really recommend having Selina in your arsenal, it's this incredible work that speeds up everything else that you're doing.


It's like an amplifier of like everything else that you invest in and work on. It's gonna make the yields of that just 10 times more powerful.

Laura Larios (1).png
Laura L.
Nervous System Stabilization Coach

Laura effortlessly grew her business to $50k months

.I just literally was seeing myself behaving differently. And with not a lot of effort, that's the whole thing. It wasn't like I had to think about it and journal about it and analyze, there was none of that. It was just like, Hey, this feels different.


I just don't feel this activation that's cause we processed it together in these sessions where it just got to go and it was just such a freeing experience and it kind of like just kept kind of adding onto itself each time.


So each time we get to each layer it was like opening up more and more space. And I think this is really how those big financial amounts came in for me.

Juliette Lippman.png
Juliet L.
Business & Pleasure Coach

Juliette who grew to consistent $30k+ months

After working with Selina, I really felt like the energy had lifted. I started showing up with more vibrancy and love in my heart for the woman that I work with was able to shine through more.


And when I was working with her, I wasn't calling in any clients. I haven't even shifted that much. But so many women are coming to me to work with me, and it's just fantastic.

Martin who became a best-selling author on Amazon, developed and sold 3 new programs.

Martin MacKay (1).png
Martin M.
Author, Creator of 30 day Author, and Marketing Expert

The experience was really great because I felt Selina really knows what she’s doing and I felt 100% safe while I was talking to her…

My biggest takeaway was what happened afterward, which is, things don’t affect me in the world the way they used to before. I don’t get annoyed; I don’t get irritated…

In general, I feel un-triggerable. That is the way it has changed my perspective of the world and my experience in the world since then…


I really feel it moved some parts around within me to make them straight. There were definitely some things in me that were blocked which are now unblocked. And I want to remove more blocks, that’s what I’m going to do.

Pete went from $0-$20k in two months

Pete Byrne.png
Pete B.
mindset coach, breath worker, & musician

After our second session, that month ended up being my biggest ever month, like two and a half or three times more than I'd ever earned in a month.


To just have that validation of like, oh, I can do this. This is possible.


And not just like people turning up, but like really the kind of caliber of people that I wanted to work with as well. Like the more high level, ready to do the work, ready to invest, no bucking around.


  • You finally break that income plateau, and you build in more free time to enjoy your days?

  • You break the patterns of overwork, gliding through your tasks easily and easily magnetize new opportunities with ease?

  • You become so visible you magnetically draw in opportunities, clients, and abundance beyond your dreams?

  • You 2x, 3x, even 5x your income while maintaining consistency & calm nervous system?

  • You feel so confident about who you are, what you bring to the table, and the results you provide that you naturally draw in the perfect-fit soulmate clients, partnerships, & collabs as if by magic?

  • You run a healthy business rooted in your values, while creating massive change in the world?

  • You create space in yourself and your business, by healing the wounds of the past, to welcome more income, impact, and success?

  • You feel so confident, at home & brilliant in your body to hold yourself confidently through the challenges that life inevitably throws your way?

  • You feel expansive in your body & your relationships to grow into new levels of love, trust, and calm than you’ve ever experienced before?

  • You set and maintain strong boundaries with your team, clients, and loved ones to create and enjoy the life you desire?

  • You increase your impact leaving a ripple effect of change throughout the world, beyond anything you’ve experienced before?


I’m so grateful you’re here. Welcome!


I’m a subconscious expert, healer, Medical Intuitive™, and success mastery expert dedicated to helping you achieve the life & business of your dreams, everything that you always knew was possible and more!


I work with empowered humans, entrepreneurs, & leaders to rewire their subconscious for success in life & business - instantly expanding wealth, health, and intimacy by instantly shifting the underlying energetics, expanding your innate gifts, and healing the self- limiting programs.


After years of being fed up and trying everything to heal my body, improve intimacy - feeling disconnected from myself and others, & desiring to experience more of life, I felt like a complete outsider. I was successful by society’s standards but overworking and putting my sense of worth outside of me, reaching outside myself for love & approval.

Hi, I'm Selina!

I'm highly intuitive and by tapping into quantum hypnotic states (theta brainwave frequency) we shift your subconscious patterns instantly. I do this through reading and shifting very subtle energies that are held in your subconscious of which most people are completely unaware (even the most advanced healers).

It’s because I’ve spent years attuning to over 6 different subconscious modalities I expertly weave together making the perfect shifts for your subconscious to realign to your highest reality & timeline!

Do you...
  • Know you’re destined for more, have taken the steps, bought the courses and it’s still not landing? Or not at the level you know you’re capable of?

  • Hit income ceilings over and over again it feels like you’re never going to break?

  • Feel burned out, frustrated with yourself or your team, and feel like you’re spinning your wheels & the results just aren’t coming?

  • Over give, overwork, and overdeliver and yet don’t see the results you expect in your bank account?

  • Fear being visible, struggle to show up in the ways you know are possible and leave opportunities on the table?

  • Lose clients, business, profits, or relationships every time you start to see success?

  • Know you’ve got so much more potential to unlock and somehow it’s still not coming to the surface?

  • Find yourself locked in cycles of perfectionism rather than just “doing the thing”?

  • Wish that you had more balance in your life to enjoy you money, success and love with ease, so you can lead a life and business you adore?


Like most of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, you’ve probably invested in many courses, coaches, and programs. You know how to market & sell, you have the leads floating around you, and yet it’s just not landing.

Or you are enjoying a certain level of success and you’re ready to take off the limits? You know how to do the positive affirmations, the manifestation techniques, but your manifestations are just not arriving.

It’s because you’re subconsciously keeping yourself from stepping into your next-level potential and success.

You know your unlimited potential & it’s time to embody it.



A personalized transformational experience to dissolve your subconscious blindspots, rise above self-limiting patterns & unlock your success across ALL areas of your life.

Financially. Emotionally. Spiritually.

Because true success is unlocking in every area of your life.

Shifts your internal story instantly.

Watch as opportunities that were never available before effortlessly drop into your lap.

Surprise yourself as life surprises you.

Improve your internal reality to align with your internal goals, automatically calling in the external reality you desire.

Increase profits,

Hire with confidence, grow & manage your team with ease and step back into CEO role


The world needs your unique magic. Being more of who you really are. This is the gift we’ve all been waiting for. When you’re in alignment and living your highest truth, the whole world benefits.


But you’ll never be able to reap the rewards of your highest expression until you let go of those subconscious blindspots, and it requires a mirror to see what they are. Discover, release, and relax into your new reality.

What's Included?

Accelerated Empowerment is my most powerful 1:1 container to heal the subconscious blindspots keeping you from your ultimate success, abundance, mastery & love.

In this container you will receive the 1:1 subconscious support perfect for everything you’re calling in for your life…


You choose the level of support:


2 month Transformation

This is for you if you are on a path of rapid change and you know the next step comes from the inside out. You're ready to make big sweeping changes in your life and you know that one area that's been limiting your potential. Receive 5 deep subconscious shifts over a two-month period with integration support.


This transformational package is for rapid shifts - the person who wants to make the changes now so that you hold the new level of success for your life & business that you desire the rest of the year. You're ready for a rapid transformation.


Designed for a singular focused goal and highly motivated leaders stable in their life & business who want the little tweaks to massively upgrade their current experience. High-level amplification support.


3 month Transformation

For the entrepreneur desiring to receive updates as you ascend quickly, dissolving the inner roadblocks that are activated as you rise to higher levels of income, expansion and reach. You'll receive the support to fully reformulate several areas, stepping into your next higher-level version. Expansion in all directions, so that you can hold more than ever.


We'll look at life, intimacy, impact and business goals to call in the clients, wealth and visibility you desire. Get ready for a massive uplevel, becoming the human of your dreams.


Each session uniquely tailored to release & reprogram patterns to embody your next-level experience. You'll also receive one monthly coaching and embodiment session to drop in, stay on target with your long-term goals, and integrate easily with so much support.


Designed for the entrepreneur ready to upgrade several areas of their life and business to become their next-level self. Welcome in new intimacy with self and others as your business grows rapidly, welcoming and expecting miracles as you expand.


5 month Transformation

Receive a full-life upgrade to give new expansion to finances, impact, health, relationships and intimacy as you refresh each into quantum success! For the heart-led, personal development junkie who understands when you improve one area of your life it has a resonance across everything you do.


Each session is uniquely tailored to release & reprogram the subconscious patterns, & receive monthly one coaching and embodiment session to drop in, stay on track with your long-term goals, and integrate easily with inter-session support.


You'll also receive a customized hypnosis track you can use to continuously reprogram deeper and deeper layers of your subconscious that you can continue to use for the rest of your life.


For the entrepreneur what WANTS IT ALL and knows they're going places!! You understand the massive transformation that takes place with long-term mentorship, where you are held & guided through each and every step on the way.


This VIP-level support will reformat your whole life - becoming your very own dream ready to upgrade across the span of your life and business. Welcome in deeper intimacy as your business grows rapidly, miracles unfolding in every direction as you expand!

You’re going to transform massively!

For each package you will receive

A focused intention setting session to clearly identify your desired outcomes and subconscious blindspots:

  • Get laser-focused on your goals and set the energy of the container to achieve all you desire

  • Start to identify the blind spots that will reveal themselves throughout the program, oftentimes providing instant clarity of the previously invisible holes in your thinking

  • Allows laser-focus attention to the areas to be addressed in the reset sessions so that you dissolve the patterns and beliefs to achieve the outcomes you’ve been searching

  • Brings direct intention, setting a clear trajectory forward.

Subconscious reset sessions (2x/month) over a two, four or six-month container:

  • Be gently guided to go deep, untangling through the layered intricacies directly to your blind spots. and dissolve them instantaneously

  • Release emotional ties held in the mind/body and reset an overcharged nervous system, to clearly reveal your next steps forward AND take them with ease

  • Typically addresses 2-4 blind spots in a session

  • Dissolve internal resistance, stored emotions, and release energetic pulls that magnetize negative cycles and self-blocking activities

  • Reset your subconscious, installing supportive and expansive new patterns expanding possibility

  • Abundant space for deep clearing, each session building on the previous work, diving well below the surface level, resetting an entire area of life.

Inter-Session Integration Support:

  • 1:1 Voxer support to support integration

  • Receive inter-session coaching to continue movement forward on the progress towards your goals

  • Typically addresses 2-4 blind spots in a session

  • Receive emotional integration support providing practices to safely process emotions while relaxing the nervous system

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call and let’s have a conversation about your Growth.

Subconscious Reset helps entrepreneurs and visionaries with all things business, intimacy, through online programs, 1:1 journeys evolving you to your most profound, subconscious embodiment.

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