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Kundalini Activation Session

$355 USD

Kundalini Activation is a process for elevating & activating your innate energy, your life force.  

During the transmission, you'll be placed in a vortex of energy, and with your simple intention to surrender to the experience your energy will come to adjust to this frequency through resonance.  


Your whole being adjusts naturally, as your vibration returns more closely to the pure harmony of your essence.

The process is natural and safe.  Your energy moves through you to shift the subtle energy discrepancies returning you to your pure state.  You will receive exactly what your system is prepared to receive, adjusting to your next level unique alignment.


Includes: A 60-minute Kundalini Activation session via Zoom.
- A subconscious imprinting track to create safety and a healthy nervous system

After booking your session you'll receive a booking link to book your session

Honor your calling to this experience.

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